• Stories get at what's important. A good story can be summarized in a single sentence, an element of craft that forces the storyteller to grapple with the essential truth (or point) of the story. Its fundamental truth is simple enough that we can carry it in our heads and hearts and allow it to change our lives in a way that more complex ideas cannot.


• Stories give us the courage to grow and change. Storytelling requires a beginning, middle, and end because that is the process of human change and growth. Storytelling as history documents our past growth. Storytelling as heroic journey prepares us for future growth by letting us know to expect obstacles that can be overcome, thus enhancing our readiness and reducing our fear and anxiety.


• Stories are true, though often not factual, when they speak simply and directly to the heart. They use words and images to fulfill our need for connection and unite us into families, communities, religions, and nations.


• Stories envision the future. Not limited to facts, they enable us to conceive a future that warns us against danger and gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Stories empower us to choose and to act to create the future we seek.

Define your own success. Conquer something that requires a lot of work and a lot of risk. Live a bit at the edge of uncertainty. Grow.

There’s a whisper on the night-wind, there’s a star agleam to guide us, and the Wild is calling...calling, let us go.      The Call of the Wild, by Robert William Service


Everybody loves stories.

I'm passionate about them.