Margo Haskins Fillmore, Phd.

Consultant, Early Childhood Development

Margo Haskins Fillmore, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Education Department at Pacific Union College in California’s Napa Valley, where she has explored a continuing interest in altruism and other prosocial behavior of young children.  She coordinates the Early Childhood Education Programs in the on-campus and off-campus Degree Completion Program and conducts a number of parenting seminars and in-service programs for early childhood teachers. Dr. Haskins completed her Ph.D. in Education at Claremont Graduate University in 1986, with an emphasis in Child Development; her dissertation was on altruism in children. She has also taught at Loma Linda University and Towson State University and Columbia Union College, both in Maryland. While living in France and Maryland, Dr. Haskins hosted radio programs, where she interviewed a number of people, including an ambassador to the U.N., a congressman, psychologist, psychiatrist, historian, writer, physician, and others. As educational consultant for RAINBOW PARK, she is interested in exploring the correlation between prosocial television programs and children’s prosocial behavior.